Details We Never Noticed in the Thor Films

Who’s more worthy?


The Thor movies are jam-packed with hidden details and easter eggs that Marvel just planted for us to find. We think that we’ve found some of the best ones yet, and they really do make us the God of Thunder from Down Under  so much more now. So sit back, relax and enjoy these hidden details in Thor.

[post_page_title]Who’s more worthy?[/post_page_title]
While Thor always knew that Cap was worthy of lifting Mjolnir, when Cap actually lifts it we can see how their different styles translate to the way they catch the hammer.

Who’s more worthy?

Thor can be seen catching it with his arm outstretched, because he knows that the hammer will obey him and stop on his command at his hand. Cap, on the other hand, is used to catching his shield, so when he catches the hammer he cushions its blow and recoils with it.

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