Why do coincidences always seem to happen all the time?

For many people, it often seems as if events and the circumstances they find themselves in are linked to other parts of their lives or the lives of people they know, in a way that seems almost supernatural. Whether it is sharing a birthday with someone you know, or having the same password as a sibling, these events seem to have no apparent connection yet are so similar, but why are these curious coincidences seemingly rampant throughout our lives?

Coincidences are often personal

A common coincidence that people often are amazed by, is the question of how many people would need to be in a room for there to be a 50/50 chance of two of them sharing the same birthday. On the surface, it seems that one would require a large number of people to have in a room who would share the same birthday. However, statistically speaking the answer is 23 people in a room. This first point goes to show how coincidences are most of the time are not actually a very unlikely set of events, and are more often than not, quite common occurrences, but most people just don’t notice. You often hear people say things such as “what are the odds of this happening?”, but if you were to do actual calculations you can often find that the odds are very much in favor. This is because the coincidences are fairly egocentric and are only generally noticed by the person asking the question and making links between certain events in their own lives.

Why do coincidences always seem to happen all the time?

Your mind bleeds into the world

If you observe most cases of coincidences, they often find that they relate to an individual person but more specifically to what the person has been thinking about recently. For instance, if someone learns a new word, they often find but they begin to see it everywhere, or if they hear a new song that it is always playing around them, but like with most coincidences this is our mind observing things that we had previously ignored. This goes to show how egocentric coincidences can be, as most people will only notice things that they are paying attention to specifically and will often go unnoticed by others.

The mystical side

This part of coincidence is oftentimes near impossible to prove and can only generally be accepted by those who are less worried about evidence and more worried about the meaning of coincidences. Generally speaking, most people like patterns, in nature, in numbers, and their everyday lives, and for some people recognizing and understanding these patterns means analyzing their world and possibly controlling it in a way different from others. This understanding of patterns is something that everyone does. If you turn on a switch and the light comes on, you understand that your actions have consequences that you can control. On a smaller level, this is what helps us navigate the world and learn new skills. However, some people believe that understanding the links between number patterns for example will allow them to understand and then possibly control the future as they believe these patterns directly link to the future. Needless to say, these claims are near impossible to deny or confirm.

Why do coincidences always seem to happen all the time?

You would be surprised by the links between events in your life that often make many feel as if they are noticing something that is previously unnoticed and unknown. However, most coincidences can be rather easily explained through understanding that you as an individual are looking for things that relate to you in your day-to-day life and even seemingly impossible odds can often be a lot more likely than you’d think at first glance.

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