Everything you wanted to know about The OC

It has been over a decade since we first laid eyes on one of the greatest teen drama stories ever to hit the television screen. While it had ups and downs, for the most part, The OC was an exceptional Fox soap that had us on the edge of our seats every week as we watched the privileged lives of the Orange County kids unfold in a series of drama-fueled events. The OC was so influential that it has since become a pop-cultural staple and reference point for many rom-drams, or romantic dramas, that came after it. There is so much to love and cherish here whether you are a lifelong fan rewatching the entire series or a newbie introducing yourself to the characters and story, there is more to the show than meets the eye. In this article, we are taking a look behind the scenes to check out the fascinating facts that you didn’t know you wanted to know about The OC.

Everything you wanted to know about The OC

Olivia Wilde was too strong for Marissa

Marissa Cooper was The OC’s damsel in distress, suffering from severe trauma and engaging in a series of events that would lead her down a dark path. In saying so, a fierce and prominent actress such as Olivia Wilde, who was on the brink of being cast, would not be able to do the character justice according to Joshua Schwartz and Mischa Barton would shine given the opportunity to flex her acting talent.

A near-perfect playlist

Besides a gripping, angst-riddled story that compelled audiences from start to finish, The OC is cherished for its impeccable soundtrack that launched the careers of bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Rooney. The OC’s soundtrack success even inspired bands like U2 and The Beastie Boys to submit new releases to the producers in the hope of getting their tracks on the show. The playlist was almost perfect, with only Arcade Fire refusing to let showrunners feature their music.

An unlikely crossover

Avengers Endgame might be the most ambitious crossover in recent history but The OC fans would have been even more blown away if the show had stuck with a crossover idea in which the characters would feature in an episode of Arrested Development. This would have only been possible as both shows were on Fox’s network and they were both set in Southern California, but Joshua Schwartz ended up deciding that such an endeavor may be ‘too meta’ for the show.

Romance on set

You can’t make up the chemistry between main characters Seth and Summer, it’s either there or it is not. Fortunately for The OC, the chemistry was palpable and this is likely linked to the fact that Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson dated for much of the show’s four-year run. Their sad breakup came in the final season, a season in which their character counterparts ended up sealing the deal and getting married.

Everything you wanted to know about The OC

Chad Michael Murray chose another show

Rival teen drama, One Tree Hill, scooped up Chad Michael Murray who was offered a role in The OC. This series of events may have been for the best as, as much as we love Chad, the casting of The OC is brilliant and we wouldn’t change it for the world. These circumstances seem to be the best for both worlds.

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