Weird Vintage Ads That Would Probably Be Banned Today

Weird Vintage Ads That Would Probably Be Banned Today

Advertising has been around for as long as we can remember, and it goes back hundreds of years. However, the delivery of ads have certainly changed over the course of history, with stereotypes and standards evolving and progressing.

Things that were okay to express in the past have become unacceptable these days, with some of these things changing to the extent that these vintage ads would be banned, should they have been released today.

[post_page_title]Bring on the brain tonic[/post_page_title]

Throughout recent years, there have been a lot of products that have remained unchanged. However, the advertising and branding have certainly had to adapt with the changing times. We can certainly see this happening to this world renowned soda company.

Bring on the brain tonic

These days, they do not really need to advertise themselves, but back in the late 1890s, they advertised as “Brain Tonic,” claiming to relieve mental and physical exhaustion and headaches. We are genuinely curious as to what the science behind this is.

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