Tricky Photos That Require a Second Look

A gelatinous blob from the beach

We often take the conveniences of modern life for granted, but just take a step back and marvel at all of the incredible things we have access to. Advanced medicine, mind-blowing technology, and most of all, the Internet. The Internet has completely revolutionized the way the world works.

In the past, you would just have to ask your neighbors if you found some weird, unidentified thing in the woods. Now you can just post a picture of it and immediately get answers. Here are some of the weirdest things to ever be identified by the sleuths of the Internet.

[post_page_title]An artifact of the past[/post_page_title]

Technology has begun to progress so fast that a computer from a decade or two ago is basically unrecognizable. Even our phones have far more computing power than the average desktop did just a couple years ago!

An artifact of the past

That explains why this old keyboard looks so foreign to us. It even has a key that basically no computers do these days: one labelled with a coffee mug. Apparently clicking this would activate the screensaver. We suppose that the association here would be putting your computer to sleep while you’re on a coffee break. Makes sense to us.

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