Times people saw entitled people behaving badly and had to act

Times people saw entitled people behaving badly and had to act

While the world is full of amazingly selfless and generous people, there’s no doubt about the fact that the world is also full of entitled people who are pretty selfish in many different ways. These people believe that they can get everything they want at the drop of a hat, without paying a dime and without thinking about others who they may be hurting along the way.

We’ve all come across someone like this at some point of our lives, whether they demanded ridiculous things they thought they should get, behaved rudely, or tried to take advantage of someone else. Sometimes, you just have to stand up to these folks and set them straight – or at least post it for everyone to see. You won’t believe what these people demand on a regular basis – but you’ll probably enjoy reading some of these responses they got.

[post_page_title]Knocking down the price[/post_page_title]

If you were able to bag yourself a free dishwasher and not have to pay an extortionate amount for a new one from the store, there’s a high chance that you would be pretty grateful. After all, the person giving away this item could have just thrown it in the trash…

Knocking down the price

But they decided to do someone a favor instead. However, it seems as though this entitled person didn’t get that memo, and decided to ask for more to make it ‘worth his time.’ We think the seller was pretty reasonable with his discount.

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