Things Worn Down Over Time That Tell Interesting Stories

The old adage that nothing lasts forever greatly comes into play when you talk about things and objects all around our everyday lives. From appliances to electronics to furniture to collectibles (anything really), everything succumbs to wear and tear over time.

While it’s probably never good to try and hold on to all these types of things that begin to wear down, some of them will have precious backstory and classic memories. Even things you stumble upon that look old and worn down oftentimes have a cool story behind them.

Things Worn Down Over Time That Tell Interesting Stories

[post_page_title]A door at Ikea[/post_page_title]

If you didn’t already believe that Ikea is one of the most popular stores in the world, maybe this will help convince you of that. One could say that some people spent a little too much time in the chain store, and this door is great proof of that.

A door at Ikea

This sucker is completely covered in scratches and overall wear and tear. It’s more or less an antique now, as we think that the door probably needs to be replaced. Hey, as long as it’s still functional, right?

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