Professional Hairdressers Share Their Funny and Weird Client Stories

It Doesn’t Make Any Scents

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Hairstylists do more than cut hair. They listen to our secrets, monitor our health, and put up with some ridiculous behavior from outlandish customers — all while making us look our very best. The people that cut and style our hair deserve more than a raise, they deserve better treatment. You’ll want to tip your hairdresser double the amount after you read these stories!

[post_page_title]Wash and Go[/post_page_title]

Back in the day, staying home to “wash your hair” was a big ordeal. People rarely washed their hair everyday, or even every other day. You washed your hair maybe once a week, and the rest of the week you styled and sprayed the heck out of it.

Wash and Go

That’s pretty much why a bouffant was possible back then— because it stayed up with the help of hairspray, dirt, and oil. Grandma isn’t lazy, she’s just doing the same thing she did when she was 25-year-old hottie.

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