This Plumber Is Sharing All the Weird Things He’s Seen on the Job

This plumber is sharing all the weird things he’s seen on the job

When you’re a plumber, you must see some wild things. From people’s quick-fix solutions to bizarre reasons why something’s stopped working, a day on the job probably never gets boring. Of course, when you’re a professional, seeing some of these things must really drive you crazy.

[post_page_title]Call the nurse[/post_page_title]

What do you do when your pipes start leaking? While the smart idea is to call a plumber, that’s not always the fastest solution. Sometimes, you need to deal with the problem temporarily while you wait for help.

Call the nurse

That’s seemingly what this person did, and they didn’t do a terrible job. There’s no sign of anything leaking, meaning this should have been good for a few days. Unfortunately, pipes aren’t broken bones, so this cast won’t have done anything to help it mend itself.

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