Pictures that are making us question humanity

What are the chances?

Despite our best efforts to progress the human race, it looks as though some of us have regressed, and maybe it has something to do with social media. People are only too happy to share every detail of their lives, and sometimes they might wish they hadn’t. These people are the reason why humanity is actually doomed.

[post_page_title]What are the chances?[/post_page_title]

Phones are electronic, and there are some chargers out there that can breathe life back into your battery without any wires. While wireless charging is a thing, it doesn’t involve cooking appliances. You put something in your microwave, and you can guarantee it will be cooked, or set alight.

What are the chances?

This unfortunate experience for whoever owns this phone is proof that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear or read. No matter how good it sounds, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. We would love to listen in to the call this person made to their insurance company to try and get a replacement. What do you mean you put it in the microwave?

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