These Photos Show It’s Better Not to Go Back to the Fashion of the ’90s

The bandana-inspired paisley print

Fashion in the ’90s seemed to have a whole different meaning, as though the more outrageous an outfit, the more fashionable it was. It feels as though everyone walked around oblivious to the fact that their eyebrows were drawn on with sharpies, or that literally everything had glitter in it, or that no one’s clothing seemed to fit them.

Celebrities from Will Smith, to Christina Aguilera, were seen as the style icons of this time, and we wonder where they came up with some of their unexpected and surprising trends? Honestly, the ’90s to us seem to be a time that there was no such thing as a fashion faux pas, otherwise, most of the trends of this decade would fall into that category. From studded belts, to plaid ensembles, here are some of the trends from the ’90s that we are grateful have never made a comeback, and we sincerely hope never will.

[post_page_title]The bandana-inspired paisley print[/post_page_title]

Bandanas are an accessory that can be traced back in history to the Middle East and South Asia, but in the 90s, the interpretation of this accessory was supposed to be an imitation of the bandanas that cowboys once wore as dust masks.

The bandana-inspired paisley print

Celebrities like Beyoncé wore the cowboy inspired bandanas in many different forms, like as a headband, or a bathing suit, or even a shirt. These days, this style can look extremely outdated.

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