Photos of Natural Disasters That Remind Us Who’s The Boss

Mountain of what?

We have compiled a list that truly shows the impact some disasters have had on the world – some of them touching, some are strange, but most of them are downright chilling.

[post_page_title]Mountain of what?[/post_page_title]

Now, we have heard of a car pileup on the highway following an accident, but this is in a whole different realm. This before-and-after shows the destruction to a boat dock following a hurricane in the British Virgin Islands. The neatness of the rows in the first shot only adds to the true chaos demonstrated in the latter.

Mountain of what?

Luckily, these boats had no one on them. Unluckily, they were all docked there for safekeeping. We guess next time, it might be worth taking the boats out of water. Another small victory for land lovers.

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