People Who Took Us For Dummies

People Who Took Us For Dummies

Some people are arguably more gullible than others, and we’ve all been fooled by some pretty obvious jokes and tricks once or twice. But we have a really hard time believing anyone would be this much of a dummy.

[post_page_title]How dumb do they think I am?[/post_page_title]

Most parents seem to overestimate their children’s intelligence. But in this case, the situation is quite the opposite. The mom or dad in question left a note by the breakfast bagel, and felt the need to point out the plastic needs to be removed before eating the bagel…

How dumb do they think I am?

No wonder this kid got slightly insulted, but also found the whole thing amusing enough to share this picture online. Hopefully they got through their breakfast safely (and remembered to walk the dog and strip the bed).

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