These Old Photos Show How Younger People Look Today Compared to the Past

Old photos show how younger people look today compared to the past

Unfortunately, there is no way we can avoid aging forever. Despite many people’s best efforts, old Father Time catches up to us all eventually. While some people might look like they haven’t aged a day beyond their 25th birthdays, in the past, it seems that people began to look old much faster than today.

Fashion may play a big part in how old we appear, with the more traditional looks of the past being outdated by today’s style. Perhaps we seem to age slower because we have better cosmetics, or maybe it’s simply because life was tougher back then. Whatever the reason, these old photos just go to show how fast some people used to age back in the day.

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It was very common for young people to dress much more formally years ago. For instance, this couple was aged just 20 and 22, yet they dress more formally than some people’s grandparents would today.

Young lovers

It helped make everyone seem more stylish back then, but when you look back, it seems to add years to young people like this couple. Our ancestors who grew up in the same era as this couple would never dream of stepping out without a stylish frock or full suit

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