How to learn history in a useful way that could benefit you in today’s world

Gone are the days where we flicked through history books to better understand the world in which we live. Today, every piece of content ever written has practically been digitized and there are many sources where we can decipher this information from. Apps, for example, are today’s answer to a history lesson and you can leverage a number of powerful ones to better equip you with the knowledge to understand the world. In this article, we will discuss ways in which you can start learning history through apps as well as how it can be beneficial for you in today’s world. 

How to learn history in a useful way that could benefit you in today’s world

App #1: The History of Everything

Free and boasting a modern, sleek interface, the History of Everything is an incredible resource detailing some significant historical events and eras. Scrolling through its timeline will literally take you back to the past as you read up on dramatic events accompanied by neat little visuals to make the experience all the more fun and engaging. The History of Everything even offers the capability of pinning posts to revisit them if you ever need a refresher when discussing old-timey events at a fancy dinner party. 

App #2: Today In History

Have you ever wanted to know what happened in history during a specific day in time? Maybe you want to know what happened way back when on this day, today? Well, Today In History is a calendar centered history app that allows you to peer into the past events pinpointed throughout our historic calendar years. The data is compiled into various categories, allowing you to easily locate information and sift through the daily events you’re searching for. Furthermore, the incorporation of quizzes allows you to test your knowledge after brushing up on your history.

App #3: Google Arts and Culture

A resource for art fanatics, Google Arts and Culture allows you to glance at historical events through the lens of famous paintings, curated by some of the most remarkable visionaries of our waking life. The showcase is incredibly moving and powerful, sharing evocative work with eager eyes who land on the pages of this free platform.

Benefit #1: Clearer understanding of the world

By understanding the past, we are better equipped with the ability to comprehend the current age and how a series of events led to where we find ourselves today. History paints a picture of what it was like to live years ago, affording us the opportunity to appreciate what we have today and truly grasp what underpinnings lie beneath the surface of our very existence. It also enables us to connect with many of our peers, offering us a true glimpse into different cultures and customs around the world, which is a very handy tool when globetrotting. 

How to learn history in a useful way that could benefit you in today’s world

Benefit #2: Clearer understanding of ourselves

In the same way, history allows us to draw clearer conclusions on why the human race is as it is today. We are able to find similarities in ourselves by looking at the people of the past, developing an idea of the driving forces behind the minds of millions who came before us. 

Benefit #3: Helping us make better decisions

Understanding the world as it was and who we are today will help us make better decisions for our own future and that in which the generations to come will live during. We are able to make informed decisions today that will have lasting ramifications on the world as we understand the consequences of our actions better. This is an incredible benefit of paging through the history books. 

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