Jimmy Fallon Asks People to Tweet About Their ‘Dumbest Family Fights’

Jimmy Fallon asks people to tweet about their dumbest family fights

As much as we love our family, there is no doubt that they can get on our nerves every now and again. While some arguments are based on more serious issues and aren’t as funny, a great majority of them tend to be about some pretty insignificant and ridiculous things – like over a late library book or the proper way to make a peanut butter sandwich, for example.

From jokes gone bad to competitive siblings taking things a little too far – Jimmy Fallon asked people to tweet about their dumbest family fights using the hashtag #DumbestFamilyFight and well – they delivered.

[post_page_title]Wedding fight[/post_page_title]

Fighting with family members over your wedding plans is a pretty common occurrence. Although it should be up to the bride and groom, lots of times the family likes to get involved and can never really agree on things like the guest list, the dress, the cake – and so on.

Wedding fight

This girl’s wedding fight with her parents and sister was a little different, though, considering that she is not engaged, and doesn’t even currently have a boyfriend.

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