This Instagram Account Posts ‘Ugly Design’ Pics and Here Are the Best Ones

This Instagram Account Posts ‘Ugly Design’ Pics and Here Are the Best Ones

If you’re going to design something, it needs to be functional. There’s no point in creating a kettle that can’t pour water or a toilet that doesn’t flush, is there? What’s more, it should also be reasonably attractive to look at. We know that appearance isn’t everything, but when it comes to stuff like furniture, you don’t want people to consider them an eyesore.

Otherwise, they’ll never want to visit your house. Unfortunately, there have been an incredible amount of “ugly designs” over the years, so many that there’s now even a social media account dedicated to them. On the plus side, some of them are as hilarious as they are distasteful.

[post_page_title]Window neighbors[/post_page_title]

A lot of work goes into constructing a building. However, while it may take a lot of effort to erect something like a house or apartment block, that doesn’t mean mistakes don’t happen. We’d hope this design wasn’t intentional, because we’re not really sure why anyone would think this was okay.

Window neighbors

No-one really wants to look through their window and have a direct view of their neighbor’s apartment. It’s a total invasion of privacy that would probably make most people feel uncomfortable. We’d never want to open the curtains.

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