Husband Tweets That Are Funny But Also 100% Relatable

Husband Tweets That Are Funny But Also 100% Relatable

Some men have a great sense of humor, but they can’t always use it when they want to since it may offend their significant other if it’s badly timed. This is where Twitter plays a role. The perfect platform for men to share and express their ridiculous but totally relatable marriage thoughts with one another.

Whether they want to seek solace over the fact that they forever need to share their ice cream with a woman, or the long list of chores they told their wife they’ve done but haven’t even looked at yet – here are hilarious husband Tweets that are totally relatable.

[post_page_title]The secret to lasting love[/post_page_title]

This guys’ wife is probably super low-maintenence if a grilled sandwich is his undefeated way of pleasing her. We’re imagining it as if it’s a scene out of a movie. The husband comes home, whips up a killer grilled cheese sandwich, and his wife runs in and just jumps into his arms.

The secret to lasting love

Men, take notes – it can be as simple as that. Maybe for your wife, it’s a tuna wrap or a chili burrito – but whatever it is – just figure it out. Grilled cheese sandwiches just may be the secret to lasting love.

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