Hidden Details And Easter Eggs In Shrek Movies

Hidden Details And Easter Eggs In Shrek Movies

Shrek is arguably the most successful movie franchise to come out of Dreamworks Animation, and currently consists of four movies (with a fifth coming up). These movies are jam packed with clever storylines, hilarious scenes, and memorable characters. But there are also plenty of hidden details and awesome Easter eggs you might have missed.

[post_page_title]This bar doesn’t mess around[/post_page_title]

In Shrek 2 there are a several scenes that take place in a bar known as The Poison Apple. This bar has a lot of shady regulars, but there are also more subtle hints that show you this place is bad news.

This bar doesn’t mess around

In the bar, there are signs behind the bar maid which would make any normal person turn around and leave immediately. On the other hand, if you’ve always wanted to risk your life while getting a cocktail, this is clearly the place for you…

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