Funny People Who Cut Straight To The Point

Movie review

Blunt people are arguably the best. They come up with the most unique and funniest responses to situations, and we can’t get enough of them. From blunt parents to cut to the point kids, they have all come up with some of the most entertaining content on the internet. We have collected together some of the best, and we guarantee they will make you laugh out loud.

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If you look at any reviews, you will often find a particularly amusing one here or there. This one is by far our favorite, just because of how blunt and honest it is. This person clearly wasn’t a huge fan of the Home Alone franchise, and has bluntly described the movie in one short sentence.

Movie review

To be fair, they have summed it up pretty perfectly, and we can’t really argue with it. However, if the film was just about a kid ringing the cops, it wouldn’t make for a very entertaining watch.

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