Funny Instances of People Forgetting Some Pretty Important Things

Hilarious instances of people forgetting some pretty important things

People forget to do stuff all the time, but mostly it’s not really that funny. These incidents, however, are hilarious and we’re glad someone was on hand to take pictures and capture these priceless moments.

[post_page_title]Time to ketchup[/post_page_title]

Trucking is a tough job. The drivers have got strict deadlines to meet but oh so many miles to cover. If they can save a bit of time here and there the humble truck driver is only too willing to accept their shortcut.

Time to ketchup

This driver was making great time, and for some reason, the farther they traveled, the lighter their load seemed to be getting. What a shame that this delivery of tomatoes never made it to their destination and instead became ketchup on the freeway.

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