Europeans Share Their Most ‘What the What’ Moments From Visiting America

Europeans Share Their Bizarre Moments From Visiting America

Europeans are surprised that Americans eat melted butter with our popcorn. Speak with any European who has lived in America for some time and they’ll be happy to tell you the oddities, like buttered popcorn, that they encountered while here. But, just like beauty, oddity is in the eye of the beholder. What’s weird to Europeans might be part of our everyday life here in America.

[post_page_title]America the Beautiful[/post_page_title]

America is beautiful — maybe the first time you’ve seen it. But after a couple of days worth of car rides from one farm full of amber waves of grain to another, under one never ending spacious sky, well, it gets old after a while.

America the Beautiful

The wide expanse starts to get under your skin, and the next thing you know you’re wanting a trip to a small tropical island. Everything is big in America, but we’re ok with that as long as we can leave sometimes.

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