Embarrassing Text Messages Between Parents And Kids, That Shouldn’t Have Been Sent

An intense discussion

Technology is pretty brilliant, right? Nowadays, we have the power to stream our favorite television shows and movies onto the smallest of screens, we can see people across the world without any trouble, and we’ve even been able to take pictures out in space. Despite all of these advancements, it’s still pretty easy to send awkward texts to the wrong number – and that becomes pretty awkward when you accidentally send them to your kids or your parents.

[post_page_title]An intense discussion[/post_page_title]

We all know what Plan B is. We also all know that you should never accidentally text your mom anything about Plan B – especially when you’re trying to keep it a secret from her. It seems as though this son or daughter didn’t get that memo, though…

An intense discussion

And they also didn’t look at who they were writing the message to before they hit “Send.” The end result is something that we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. We bet that was a pretty tense discussion.

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