Celebs Who Can’t Stand Ariana Grande

Celebs Who Can’t Stand Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is one of the most powerful singers of our time, and has rightly earned worldwide fame and success thanks to that stunning voice of hers. But, she has also earned herself a reputation for being something of a diva – and these celebs would probably vouch for that rumor.

[post_page_title]Victoria Justice[/post_page_title]

Put a bunch of talented kid on a successful Disney Channel show, and drama is bound to go done. It’s more or less a verified fact that Ariana and Victoria Justice, the main star of popular tween show Victorious, did not get along.

Victoria Justice

Their problematic relationship started coming yo public light when Ariana alluded to being bullied by Victoria on set, and then pretty much tweeted Victoria was the reason Victorious was canceled. Victoria in response tweeted above tweet.

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