Celebrities Who Made The Changes We All Dream Of

Celebrities Who Made The Changes We All Dream Of

Being in the limelight comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations. Stars must always looks their best and that means being beautiful and fit. That is not always easy because, well, life, age, and nature tend to get in the way.

Regardless of the reason or the change, many celebs have undergone extreme transformations over time. Keep reading to see some Hollywood stars that changed so much they were barely recognizable.

[post_page_title]Mariah Carey[/post_page_title]

To be fair, this weight loss transformation has more to do with giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe than anything else. Mariah took longer than is accepted in Hollywood to lose the baby weight so everyone got to talking – yawn! Eventually, though, the diva lost the remaining weight and came back with a vengeance! Of course, pleasing random critics was the farthest thing from this diva’s mind. If she did it for anyone, she clearly did it purely for herself.

Mariah Careychr

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