Celebrities who have more kids than we thought

Bruce Willis – 5 kids

It should come as no surprise that many celebrities are known for having quite a lot of kids. And while some of them we are more familiar with, such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s adorable clan of six, some on this list are a lot more surprising – like Eddie Murphy’s mega family of 10!  While some of these celebrities have had several kids with one partner, others have had multiple baby mamas/daddies – resulting in some truly beautiful blended families.

[post_page_title]Bruce Willis – 5 kids[/post_page_title]

One of the biggest action stars of all time, Bruce Willis is the type of guy that is both a blessing and a curse to have as a dad. You definitely don’t need to worry about anyone giving you trouble, as he can definitely intimidate any and all bullies away. But there is a downside…

Bruce Willis – 5 kids

if you’re his daughter, he might scare away any prospective boyfriend. He has five kids, and they’re all girls. That’s a lot of scared boyfriends. You’re probably familiar with his daughter Rumer, who is an actress in her own right.

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