We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off These Funny T-Shirt Fails

We can’t take our eyes off these funny t-shirt fails

While some people don’t care about what they wear, others appear to deliberately outdo people with their outlandish t-shirts in an extreme act of not caring. Sometimes this can have hilarious results. Other times this can lead people to become the talk of the internet. Just one wrong t-shirt and you may never recover in the fashion world. Here we get to take a look at some of the best (and worst) t-shirt fails from all around the world. If you feel bad about your fashion faux pas over the years, look no further if you are searching to redeem yourself…

[post_page_title]Budding artist[/post_page_title]

It looks as though this photo was one of many at a sorority or frat house, so we’re glad to see that she is proud to be learning. Unfortunately, unless she is a budding artist who really wants to tell everyone about her amazing collageing skills, then she may have made a mistake.

Budding artist

We’re all for loving learning, but perhaps it’s best to check with the English majors that your new t-shirt is up to standards? Hopefully, the t-shirt is just irony at its finest. We’re sure that’s it.

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