The most beautiful interracial celebrity couples

Chris Evans and Naomie Harris

The entertainment industry is often called out for its lack of diversity, but these celebrity couples who come from very different backgrounds help make up for that, at least away from the cameras and the spotlight. Here are a few of our favorite interracial power couples!

[post_page_title]Chris Evans and Naomie Harris[/post_page_title]

We aren’t sure if this is just a rumor or not, but Chris Evans and Naomie Harris were photographed together on a date! They also walked the red carpet together, which in Hollywood is practically like being prom king and queen and announcing to the world that you’re a couple.

Chris Evans and Naomie Harris

Chris and Naomie would make a ridiculously cute couple, so we all had really hoped the dating rumors are true. Chris is known for being Captain America, while two of Naomie’s best roles are in the James Bond films, as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

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